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The Japan Times 紙に「こどもトランプ1to10®」が掲載されました。
毎月第一月曜日に日本の特にデザインの優れた商品を紹介する「 On Design 」というコラムコーナーです。(2018年8月6日月曜日発行11P)

For parents hoping to have their kids learn as they play through the holidays,
Bambino Japan LLC’s Kids’Toy Cards 1 to 10, another Good Toy Award winner,
uses playing-card icons to help kids master counting and basic math.
The shapes of each suit are punched out of colorful stiff card,
making them more tactile and easy to identify,and the box comes with simple game suggestions,
such as getting kids to guess the numbers on cards by touch alone.
There are no court cards, but the set could also be a good primer before kids move onto a full deck.